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A Roundup of Bromoji Coverage

May 25, 2016

Bromoji - iPad Copy Bromoji

Despite not being mentioned, because 42 Solutions was the contract developer of the app, Bromoji has gotten some extremely great coverage! Just to make it easy, here’s what’s been said about it:

Brooklyn Magazine

Falling more in the bro-hater camp myself, and having just now delighted in sending a mug of beer followed by a colon and the number 30 to my friend Chris using Bromoji, I can tell you that Liam and his co-founders Dan, Pete, and Martin are onto something good. With my Bromoji text I communicated activity-specific zeal and made mild joke in response to a pointed question. Namely, I told the truth and had fun at the same time. I connected with my visual text. What else could I hope to get out of any form of communication? Nothing! Bromoji gave this to me, and it can give it to you, too, Bro or no.

Maxim Magazine

If it feels like there’s a new emoji app coming out every two seconds, that’s because there is. It’s cool and all, but they’re mostly lady-oriented emojis, with lots of crying faces and manicured nails (looking at you, Kim Kardashian)…not exactly suitable for guys to text.

But wait! There’s a (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek new app called Bromoji, which has emojis “For bro’s, by bro’s,” including Gronk-worthy icons like a mushroom that says “just the tip”, a dick in a box and plenty of other bro-happy visuals, many of which are hilariously lame, which we assume is the whole point[.]

The Tech Times

And when it comes to certain types of guys, the phrase “cool story, bro” has probably been used sarcastically a handful of times while communicating with your wolf pack like when sharing about that time in the gym while eating or playing beer pong.

If this type of dude sounds like you and your friends, you need to download this new emoji app. Seriously bro, it was made for you.

Do you need a custom iOS app or keyboard? Contact 42 Solutions for a estimate and let’s get your project on the App Store.

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