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Founded in 2001 by software developers who saw a better way to have a relationship with those in need of consulting services, 42 Solutions prides itself in cutting edge technology and a deep partnership with our clients. In the last nine years, we have worked with businesses, large and small, across a wide range of industries.

Whether your company is a mom and pop shop hoping to have a presence on the Internet to a large business wanting to open a new sales channel, 42 Solutions can provide what you are looking will help you grow into the future.

The client list of 42 Solutions demonstrates our diversity of work. From a novel way to rent self-storage rooms in New York City, to design expertise helping a major comic book company market on the web, 42 Solutions certainly has something to offer you.

Colin Andrew Ferm

Colin Andrew Ferm

A founding Partner of 42 Solutions, Colin Andrew Ferm is a Senior Developer and Information Architect. Starting his career in the dotcom boom of the 90’s with the groundbreaking Hot Coco website for the Contra Costa Times, Colin later went to work at Wired, GovWorks (of Startup.com infamy), and TheStreet.com.

Since founding 42 in 2001, Colin consulted at such diverse companies as Cablevison, Klutz Toys, Edison Properties, and many more.

When not working on mobile apps and websites, he writes novels.

Dan Kellner

Dan Kellner is a Partner as well as Senior Interface Designer and Information Architect. He started his design career in the Creative Services & Marketing Department of the Marvel Entertainment Group, while earning his BA in American History at Columbia University. Dan then joined Bullseye Art, Ltd where he served as the Senior Flash Developer and won an ID Design Silver Medal as well as two Daytime Emmy Nominations for Achievement in Main Title Design.

Dan is also an Olympian and was captain of the 2004 US Olympic Men’s Foil Team, a 7-time member of the US National Fencing Team, the 2004 US Men’s Foil National Champion, and was formerly ranked 1st in the country and 10th in the world. In his free time, he currently coaches fencing in Brooklyn.


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42 Solutions

Working with 42 Solutions, you’ll find that it’s not the technology that’s important, it’s the idea. Regardless of whether your company is based on proprietary software or open source, we will find the right tools to get the job done.

Invite us to your office and we’ll send a pair of consultants armed with laptops and bright ideas, ready to solve your problem and offer solutions. We pride ourselves in getting to know how you do business and integrating into your process.