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What We Do

42 Solutions offers many services to help our clients meet the digital demands of their businesses. These are just a few.

User Experience

The way your customers see your web or mobile presence is the way they see you. Whether you’re a small business operating out of your garage or a corporation with your name on the building, a cookie cutter design sends the message you can’t be trusted. The 42 Solutions design team can create a look and feel the represents your true brand while ensuring your customers find what they’re looking for.

With a mix of well chosen design elements and a little organization, your presence can ensure both customer trust and higher conversions. Doesn’t that sound like a swell idea?


Back end to front, from Java to JavaScript. Regardless of platform, 42 Solutions can build not just your mobile or web presence but also the technologies to power it. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and write something fresh and new when existing code can’t do what’s needed. Our technology team is a contributor to several major open source projects. This work can be used as a foundation for your project, ensuring a rapid development time at a minimal cost.

42 Solutions is a leader in creating and blending new technologies. How can we serve you?

Mobile App Development

Your customers are on the move and the devices in their pocket are more than just phones these days. 42 Solutions can make interacting with them as simple as a swipe with a custom application designed to run on the latest mobile platforms, from Android to iPhone.

Business can communicate with their customers from just about anywhere. 42 Solutions can make sure you’re ready to serve them on the most popular devices, now and in the future.

Transmedia Storytelling

As software continues to mix with and influence storytelling, a trusted technology partner is a must for film production companies.

42 Solutions’ growing list of storytelling applications can enhance a promotional campaign, or be integrated into a fully imersive experience.

Digital Strategy

Everyone telling you that you need a Facebook page? A Twitter handle? A mobile app? 42 Solutions keeps tabs on all of the latest trends and gives straight answers on what companies really need and what they don’t.

Save money by focusing your digital strategy in the right directions.

Quality Assurance & Deployment

Nothing’s worse than a website that doesn’t function.

42 Solutions ensures that, out the door, each site we build is tested to accommodate the expected traffic and operate bug free. We run an iterative testing process that ensures the 99% of issues are found and fixed before your customers arrive, giving you maximum uptime and a minimum of maintenance costs.

Systems Integration

Just because you have a web site built on one technology doesn’t mean you don’t use another for your day to day business. Connecting the two can sometimes seem impossible. 42 Solutions has over a decade of experience linking disparate systems so your business can thrive in both environments.

Our technology toolbox allows us to find a solution for almost any situation, allowing you to open your business to customers around the world.


How do you feel about your consultants? Maybe we can make you feel better.

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42 Solutions

Working with 42 Solutions, you’ll find that it’s not the technology that’s important, it’s the idea. Regardless of whether your company is based on proprietary software or open source, we will find the right tools to get the job done.

Invite us to your office and we’ll send a pair of consultants armed with laptops and bright ideas, ready to solve your problem and offer solutions. We pride ourselves in getting to know how you do business and integrating into your process.