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Whatever You Do… Don’t Use Angular.js

November 4, 2015

It’s been a while since I expressed my thoughts about Backbone.js but, in the intervening years, I’ve really come to love it. Angular.js, on the other hand, is driving me absolutely crazy and I’ll explain why you should not use it.

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Manhattan Mini Storage Mobile

November 28, 2012

Manhattan Mini Storage needed a version of their sales channel optimized to the mobile experience to ensure the maximum number of customers were being served. 42 Solutions made it happen.

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The Downside to Custom WordPress Installs

September 25, 2012

In a previous post, 42 Partner Colin Ferm described the benefits of using WordPress for a website that needs content management. In this one, Partner Dan Kellner describes the major downsides.

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Why We Switched To Facebook Comments

August 17, 2012

We’ve ditched the standard commenting system and migrated toward using Facebook comments. Read on to find out what informed our decision.

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Backbone.js and The Joy Of jQuery

April 1, 2012

Partner Colin Andrew Ferm discussed the joys and the agonies of using the Backbone.js library as opposed to pure jQuery when implementing an AJAX frontend. Come along for the tears of pain and joy.

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The Joys of IE Browser Testing

February 9, 2012

Cross-browser compatibility testing can be the bane of a web-developer’s existence, in this article, 42 Partner Dan Kellner, explains of his css tricks to make your life just a little easier… Because we care.

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42 Solutions Re-Launches In WordPress

Even 42 Solutions needs a site refresh from time to time. With the help of the WordPress content management system, we were able to accomplish it in a record time with the expectation of long term savings.

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Manhattan Mini Storage

January 31, 2012

Manhattan Mini Storage is the leading provider of storage units to New Yorkers. From beginning to end, soup to nuts, 42 Solutions has built and maintained their web presence, adding features over the years and keeping the look and feel fresh and easy to use. Read on to find out about how 42 Solutions helped bring an entire brand to the web.

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Edison ParkFast Parking Garages

With locations in New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Edison ParkFast is one of the leading providers of parking in an urban environment. 42 Solutions helped bring their brand to the web with an innovative new way for customers to find parking.

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JD Conservation, Inc.

JD Conservation had a problem. Its site didn’t reflect its quality of work. Partnering with 42 Solutions, JD Conservation was able to build a web presence that displayed the work not the design.

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