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Jumping Joey’s Numberline

Jumping Joey's Number Line is a fun, easy way to learn math.A screen shot of the Jumping Joey's Number Line websiteA screen shot of the Jumping Joey's Number Line website

The Problem

Matthew Mandelbaum, co-founder of PsySoEd Dynamics and inventor of the Jumping Joey’s Number Line math teaching tool was experiencing too little traffic to the product’s site. Content was divided across three different domains and sub-domains including a dedicated blog page, a general information website, and a third-party shopping cart.

Despite the glowing reviews from both parents and educators, customers were not finding their way to his innovative project and customer conversions were not taking place.


The Challenge

In order to attract the most value from search engine results, the three sites needed to be unified under a single domain, optimized with traffic generating keywords while still directing potential customers toward the products pages. Additionally, an e-commerce solution was required to allow the new site to process payments and provide an inventory management system from which orders could be tracked.

Lastly, because PsySoEd Dynamics is a small business, the entire project had to be completed under the tightest of budget constraints. The client, very literally, could not afford to go one dollar over.

Analyzing the requirements, 42 Solutions saw that merely folding all the content into one site would not meet the requirements. The current website was created from static HTML pages and had no infrastructure for handling regular blog posts or e-commerce transactions.

The existing design would also have to be thrown out in favor of one geared toward the human customers as much as the search engine spiders, with the flexibility to handle multiple types of content, ranging from blog posts, product listings, news items, and customer testimonials.


The Process

Breaking down the new site requirements into component parts, 42 began by creating an initial new site design in mockup form to begin the back and forth with the client we call our “Design Iteration”. This phase consists of laying out what the proposed new homepage should look like, and which will also define the general site Look & Feel, and sending it to the client for comments.

Based upon the comments received, this initial design will either be started anew or altered to incorporate customer feedback. In the case of Jumping Joey, 42 Solutions had it almost nailed from the start.

We believe that any design can be made to work with any technology solution chosen

When working on design, 42 Solutions always begins the process before any technology decisions are made. This is because we believe that any design can be made to work with any technology solution chosen. And we’ve found it’s a great way to get the ball rolling with our clients, right from the start.

While the design was being considered, the 42 Solutions technology team began evaluating several open source solutions that might incorporate all the requirements or be flexible enough to have them added on. In this case, WordPress was selected.

WordPress is an outstanding content platform for clients both big and small, capable of hosting the least visited website to cats ever to several major magazines that have made it the content tool of choice for their online publishing. In the case of Jumping Joey, it was “just right”.

No existing platform has everything required to accomplish a single job but WordPress came close. And with the addition of several choice but free plugins, the technology problem was already 90% solved before a single line of code had been written, saving our client both time and money.

By the time the design had been iterated to the satisfaction of everyone, it was ready to be integrated into the WordPress system. The 42 Solutions design team then took their mockups and rendered them into HTML, leaving space for the dynamic content while noting where custom features would be required. The technology team, at the same time, took these HTML pages and broke them into their component parts, creating a 100% custom WordPress “theme” like none other out there.

Using our proprietary library of WordPress utilities enabled 42 Solutions to cover another 8% of the custom features required for the Jumping Joey website, leaving just a minuscule 2% to actually be coded.

The Jumping Joey website now featured a custom theme to display its content, including a special section for the creator’s blog, educator and customer testimonials, and individual pages targeted at parents, children, and educators. The last piece of the puzzle remaining was e-commerce.

The large ecosystem of third-party support around WordPress came to the rescue. Rather than having to build an entire shopping cart, product listing, payment, and inventory management system, we chose WP e-Commerce after careful evaluation. With its built in support for PayPal, the payment system already being used by Jumping Joey, we were able to eliminate a third-party provider and bring all the pieces into a new unified website.


The Result

By bringing all the content together in a search engine friendly manner and integrating it into a single site, Jumping Joey’s Number Line acquired the sheen of a professional web presence that even a small business deserves. In the two weeks following the launch of the new site, traffic increased by over 500% and average rankings also rose dramatically.

Site updates, once such a problematic issue with the old sites, are now unified under a standard set of administration tools.

And, with a streamlined process and code reuse, the total man-hours spent was just under a week, meeting our client’s budget requirements and ensuring that he the had money to spend on expanding his business in the real world while ensuring a top quality presence online.

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