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JD Conservation, Inc.

JD Conservation restores and preserves historic worksA screen shot of the understated design highlighting the work of JD Conservation, Inc.

The Problem

Renowned in the field of conserving and restoring works on paper, JD Conservation approached 42 Solutions to redesign their existing website. Art Conservator Jon P. Derow was no longer happy with the current look and feel of the site and communicated that while clients were always happy with the reults of his work, the website did not accurately portray those results to potential new clients searching for an art conservator. He wanted the before and after images of works he had restored to be the focal point of the new design so pontential clients could immediately see the quality of his restoration process.

The Process

After 42 Solutions met with Mr. Derow to to get his input on general asthetics and required elements, 42 Solutions did research on JD Conservation’s competitors to analyze the strengths and weeknesses of their sites.

Combining what he learned about the sites that already existed in the art conservation space and taking into account Mr. Derow’s mandate that the work be the focus, 42 Solutions researched dynamic muiltple photo gallery that could best be used to display the before and after versions of the restored works and created multiple initial homepage designs.

“I am thrilled with the understated, professional site 42 Solutions created…”

42 Solutions then met with Mr. Derow to discuss the various designs and galleries to ascertain which elements he preferred. This meeting began the iterative feedback and design process that allowed 42 Solutions to quickly complete the homepage and gallery layouts.

With the homepage and gallery design complete, 42 Solutions began constructing the site and filling out the rest of the content based on a style-guide derived from the homepage, periodically showing Mr. Derow progress so he could makes comments and changes.

Since the original site was built on a now obsolete mark-up structure, 42 Solutions modernizd the site site structure to make the site easier to update, obtain better search engine results placement (SERP), and integrated Google Analytics with the Google Adwords account Mr. Derow had already been using.

The Result

Mr. Derow was extremely pleased with the outcome of the site and the increased business generated by its new search engine visibilty, saying, “Working with 42 Solutions was a breeze. They understood immediately what I was hoping to achieve and presented a variety of excellent solutions from which I could choose. Most importantly, Partner and Designer Dan Kellner had no ego invested in the design choices; though he voiced his preferences and explained his reasoning, he never pressured me to use a preferred design. I am thrilled with the understated, professional site 42 Solutions created, and they have been quick to implement any minor changes I’ve requested.”

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