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Edison ParkFast Parking Garages

Edison ParkFast, with locations in New York, New Jersey, and BaltimoreA screenshot of the website designed and built for Edison ParkFast

A Track Record of Success

After succeeding with the Manhattan Mini Storage website, parent company Edison Properties turned once again to 42 Solutions to bring its Edison ParkFast brand into the 21st century.

Wanting a site that accurately reflected it’s ParkFast brand while including dynamic functionality to display location rates, hours, and facility information, Edison ParkFast was not looking for a site nearly as complex as the Manhattan Mini Storage presence but neither could it be a “brochureware” site either.

In early 2004, 42 Solutions presented a design that we felt reflected the brand and the urban locations it serves in New York City, New Jersey, and Baltimore with the flexibility to include time sensitive information and offers while still getting the customer to the information they were looking for as quickly as possible.

After a few short iterations of design changes, approval was granted and 42 Solutions set about making the site come to life. Utilizing the same Java/J2EE architecture that made Manhattan Mini Storage a success and reusing several of the same components, 42 Solutions saved development time and costs building ParkFast’s new presence.

Like Manhattan Mini Storage, the Edison ParkFast data was stored centrally on an legacy sever. To bring that data to the web, 42 Solutions again used the database engine to act as a “middleman”, fetching data from the server for display and returning customer requests as they were made.

A series of administrative tools were also built, allowing ParkFast employees to denote specific information about locations that only needed to be applied on the web. With this, Edison ParkFast could then highlight locations offering special services like electric refueling and scooter parking to interested customers.

A New Idea

Taking a page out of Manhattan Mini Storage’s book, Edison ParkFast decided that it wanted to experiment with allowing customers to reserve their parking option ahead of time, this way they would know what self storage units to pick. With locations near the new Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, ParkFast believed this would be especially useful for concerts and sporting events hosted there.

Within days, hundreds of reservations had been made

42 Solutions jumped at the task and created a simple three step reservation process wherein the customer picked the event they would like to see parking options for, pick the parking option that was best for them, and reserve with a minimum amount of information and no money down. In return for making a reservation, ParkFast customers were rewarded with special event pricing.

The result was better than anyone could have imagined.

Within days, hundreds of reservations had been made, allowing ParkFast to gauge and distribute demand across its multiple locations. Customers, too, loved the security of arriving on the day of an event and knowing they wouldn’t be turned away. It was win-win for everyone but especially for ParkFast who prides themselves on customer service.

In the weeks that followed, Edison ParkFast used the new tool created by 42 Solutions to offer reserved parking at events in Manhattan and, when it opened, at its lot near the Secaucus Junction Station for customers of New Jersey Transit commuting to and from New York City.

Continued Support

Just because a website has been built, launched, and used by thousands everyday doesn’t mean the work is over. And 42 Solutions is not the type of consultancy to abandon a client in need. Though little actual development work is required, like any business the business of providing parking changes sometimes from day to day.

42 Solutions maintains a close relationship with the Edison ParkFast brand, updating the site’s look and feel, content, and business rules to adapt to the changing ways ParkFast communicates with its customers. 42 Solutions remains there for its customers, providing years of service.

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