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Bromoji is disruptive bro technology, designed by bros for bros so that you always know what they mean.


Bromoji displayed on an iPad.

Four bros had an idea while on a ski lift. Kim Kardashian had launched her Kimoji app earlier in the year and it was exploding. Bitmoji was on almost all of their phones. But… why was there no app for bros?

Fortunately, these bros approached 42 Solutions to make their app a reality.

The Challenge

To build an iOS app and custom keyboard full of custom “bromoji” that users could send via text or email to make their bro thoughts clear to all involved.

This meant not just wrangling a ton of assets and optimizing the app for responsiveness and memory but also writing a custom keyboard extension so Bromoji could be used everywhere a keyboard can show, just like the built-in emoji.

42 Solutions had never built a keyboard app before. But that didn’t stop us from taking it on. We’ve built over a half-dozen mobile apps since entering the space and building a custom keyboard was just a new challenge.


Usually, 42 Solutions is a shop that brings clients ideas to life as a one-stop provider for everything from design to programming and even to designing and building the backend system to support the app if necessary. But, because Bromoji was so heavily influenced by the art of the “moji” themselves, we collaborated with the artwork’s designer, Martin Kalanda, to design the entire app and keyboard.

It was a fun collaboration of back and forth and as figured out not just what the optimal design for a heavily icon based app should look like but also experimented with different asset sizes to perfect, not just the delivery of bromoji to friends, family, and bros, but also to optimize app size, storage space, and memory.

In the end, the collaboration was a complete success as not only do the app and keyboard work in a completely understandable and intuitive way for users but it also manages to display important information and the sense of humor inherent in an app as admittedly silly as Bromoji is.


Though most people might use Bromoji primarily as a keyboard, 42 Solutions thought it was important to ensure that the design of the app took advantage of the large screens of iPads as well. And while this should always be a consideration for app builders, 42 Solutions believed that a universal app in this case was particularly important.

It also manages to display important information and the sense of humor inherent in an app as admittedly silly as Bromoji is

On an iPhone, even one with as large a screen as the iPhone 6 Plus, the viewing area is still relatively constrained, minimizing the number of bromoji seen at any one time. While this may sound like a drawback, in terms of information conveyance, it is actually a positive because too much information could be overwhelming and would then be lost. This would render the app less effective on a larger screen.

But, by building the app storyboards to be universal, we were able to take advantage of the native ability of iOS to render views side-by-side on larger displays and, thus, cut down on the information overload. But, critically, we were also able to take advantage of iOS 9’s split view feature that allows apps to actually run side-by-side, increasing not just the number of places Bromoji can be interacted with but also keeping it conveniently at the fingertips of users at all times.


Bromoji launched to acclaim from not just several media outlets but from Maxim itself and is currently available on the iOS App Store for $1.99. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the app continues to make money.

Because of this success, 42 Solutions is actively working on expanding Bromoji with new art packs available for in-app purchase and iCloud support for managing favorites across all user devices.

Do you have a crazy idea for an app? More crazy than Bromoji? Contact 42 Solutions today and we can help you bring your idea to fruition.

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