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Mini Storage Mobile Goes Live!

December 7, 2011

Partnering once again with Manhattan Mini Storage, 42 Solutions successfully built and launched their new mobile experience for New Yorkers looking for cheap, convienent storage.

Constructed using the latest standard of HTML5, the mobile experience is optimized version of the reservation workflow for handheld devices.

“The idea was to make the experience indistinguishable from the native apps installed on their devices,” said Partner Dan Kellner.

The idea was to make the experience indistinguishable from the native apps installed on their devices

To accomplish this, 42 Solutions implemented a design from the firm ReadySetRocket, incorporating large touch areas for easy navigation and quick AJAX calls to fetch and store customer information with the customer never encountering a page load beyond the first one.

Why create a mobile workflow rather than build native apps for the most popular handheld platforms?

“Storage customers want to get online, see what’s available, and make a descion right now,” said Partner Colin Andrew Ferm. “They don’t want to install a new app then go through the process and never use it again.” We can help your customers get right to the source with our professionals who resell SEO for a living just give us a ring.

By building a custom HTML5 mobile workflow, customers see only the information they need to make their choice while using a lightweight site designed to operate quickly on the limited resources of handheld devices. Additionally, by using the mobile web, Manhattan Mini Storage doesn’t need to worry about supporting the quirks that come with each device, instead depending upon the standards compliant web browser to do the work for them.

42 Solutions believes that mobile computing is the future. Be it with native mobile apps or optimized web experiences. Interested to know which might work best for you? Contact us or read our case study on the Manhattan Mini Storage Mobile website to find out more.

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