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Lithub Launches Book Marks!

June 7, 2016

Lithub Bookmarks

Lithub, a website partnership between the groundbreaking online literature site Electric Literature and Grove Atlantic, just launched a first of it’s kind major new feature, Book Marks.

For years, when looking at the ratings for movies, people have turned to the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes to see what the overall impression of the piece was. Now Lithub is doing the same for books with Book Marks, a one stop aggregation feature curated by the Lithub team letting readers know at a glance what the critics are saying.

We’re thrilled to have been the ones to construct this feature, creating it on top of the WordPress platform to take advantage of the easy to use tools editors and writers are familiar with. But this isn’t just a standard WordPress extension. Yes, it uses custom post types but determination of what makes a “Hot Books” and several other categories is entirely designed and custom written.

We also went out of our way to ensure that the site is as performant as possible by taking advantage of both static page cache and in memory cache so users always have as fast an experience as possible. And we optimized for mobile, to ensure that regardless of the device accessing the site, reader can always find out the cumulative rating for the books they’re interested in.

It was an exciting project! And we’re looking forward to helping Lithub and Electric Literature in the future with even more ambitious ideas.

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