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Children’s Project of Haiti Re-Launches

May 5, 2016

42 Solutions is pleased to announce that the Children’s Project of Haiti has re-launched their website with a new design that we helped to implement.

Engaged by Good vs. Evil, a socially conscious advertising and design firm, 42 Solutions helped bring the Children’s Project design to life by customizing the templates of the Squarespace platform so that the Children’s Project website is like no other.

Children's Project of Haiti Sponsorship Widget

In addition, we helped create a custom feature to draw attention to the kids benefitting from the project and to attract sponsors to help pay for their educations. This feature allows people to see all of the enrolled kids at a glance, as well as to read their biographies. For unsponsored kids, it gives donors the ability to support them while also thanking those donors who have already sponsored other kids.

It’s a feature that has never been built on Squarespace and provides a unique and compelling way to support children in need and we are proud to have helped build it.

The Children’s Project of Haiti is thrilled with their new site and we’re glad to have been part of the project to re-launch their presence and hope that it furthers their worthwhile goal of educating children in that nation.

We’re working on a blog post about how we did some of what we did that might be worthwhile for developers who are also interested in doing custom template work on Squarespace. So keep an eye out.

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