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Announcing Bromoji!

May 19, 2016

Bromoji - iPad in Landscape

The bromoji keyboard after someone has touched to copy.

With the custom keyboard, bromoji are never far away from anything you might want to say.

We’re super pleased to announce today the launch of Bromoji, a one of a kind piece of “disruptive bro technology.”

Emoji is all the rage and people are always looking for a unique set of emoji to better express themselves. With Bromoji, you can now live out your bro to the fullest.

42 collaborated with DMPL LLC to design and create Bromoji, an app that takes advantage of the latest features in iOS that allow users to install custom keyboards. While users are more than able to copy bromoji from within the app itself and paste it into any field that accepts images (email, MMS, iMessage), it is much easier if the bromoji they wish to express themselves with are right at their fingertips when they’re actually communicating.

By installing the custom Bromoji keyboard, users may copy and paste directly within whatever messaging program they’re using.

It’s extremely fun and the artist, Martin Kalanda, who did the hard work of designing all of the hundreds of bromoji available in this release, did an outstanding job.

But, there are also big plans for the future! We hope to introduce in-app purchases of more bromoji packs, some perhaps even themed to specific events. We would like it if, eventually, you could communicate with your friends, you loved ones, even maybe your enemies by using nothing more than bromoji.

It’s always exciting to get a new app into the app store. And, sometimes a little bit tricky depending on the subject matter. But we’re live now and thrilled to see this app take off.

Do you need a custom iOS App or keyboard? Contact 42 Solutions and we can provide you a reasonable price quote based on your needs.

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