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42 Solutions Re-Launches In WordPress

February 9, 2012

Reinforcing 42 Solutions’ commitment to the WordPress platform as a solid base for our customers and clients, the 42 Solutions website has been re-launched using WordPress as the content management tool of choice and is being already used by top of the line companies like┬áScepter Marketing specializing in Lansing web design for WordPress. For 42 Solutions, the choice was an obvious one.

“We’ve been building a series of sites using WordPress,” said Partner Colin Andrew Ferm. “And it’s worked for our customers who have had much more demanding needs than we do.”

The process began when the partners of 42 Solutions looked at the website and the glaring lack of content on it despite the large amounts of work the company has done. Deciding that it was finally time to build a presence on the web that accurately represented the firm, they decided that true content management was necessary.

[…] it’s worked for our customers who have had much more demanding needs than we do.

“That we were still tossing up flat pages when we wanted to say something was ridiculous,” said Partner Dan Kellner. “And it stopped us from communicating to potential clients who we were.”

“It was a case of the cobbler’s children having the worst shoes,” Ferm said. “We’ve been so busy working on client websites we’d neglected our own.”

In less than a week, the existing design of the old flat 42 Solutions website was integrated into the WordPress framework, allowing the new site to instantly benefit from many of WordPress’ built in features. These include content tagging for related items, categorization, separation of content from design, and comments.

“The hardest part was not actually building it,” Kellner said. “But adding the actual content for it to display.”

So now that the 42 Solutions site has been re-launched, what comes next?

“Like anyone who runs a content site, it’s our responsibility to keep things fresh,” Ferm said.

As with every site 42 Solutions has built, the new one continued to contribute to the library of software tools the firm has build for use on future client websites, lowering the overall time for implementation and, therefore, the cost. And while many disparage WordPress as merely a blogger’s tool, the 42 Solutions design proves that not all WordPress sites must look or act alike.

“The toughest thing is finding the upfront time or money to implement a tool like this,” says Kellner. “But when taken over the long term, it always has a net savings.”

42 Solutions understands the needs of site owners to keep their development and maintenance costs down. How can we help you do the same?

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