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Bromoji displayed on an iPad.


Bromoji is disruptive bro technology, designed by bros for bros so that you always know what they mean.

Case Studies

An example of how Lottery Places might look on an iPhone

Lottery Places

A first of its kind lottery reseller location finder meant to compliment the already extremely popular Lottery Post website and give lottery players easy access to the games nearest them.

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Punk or Metal?!?

As a demonstration of our prowess with iOS 6, we assembled a demonstration photo voting app, complete with social networking integration just to show what we could do.

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The Facebook Open Graph logo

Facebook Open Graph

For years now, social networking has been touted as the way to reach potential customers. We look in depth at one method that appears to have both a nominal cost but a huge degree of effectiveness.

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Screen shots of the Manhattan Mini Storage mobile workflow

Manhattan Mini Storage Mobile

Manhattan Mini Storage needed a version of their sales channel optimized to the mobile experience to ensure the maximum number of customers were being served. 42 Solutions made it happen.

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A screen shot of the Manhattan Mini Storage homepage

Manhattan Mini Storage

Manhattan Mini Storage is the leading provider of storage units to New Yorkers. From beginning to end, soup to nuts, 42 Solutions has built and maintained their web presence, adding features over the years and keeping the look and feel fresh and easy to use. Read on to find out about how 42 Solutions helped bring an entire brand to the web.

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A screen shot of the Edison ParkFast website

Edison ParkFast Parking Garages

With locations in New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Edison ParkFast is one of the leading providers of parking in an urban environment. 42 Solutions helped bring their brand to the web with an innovative new way for customers to find parking.

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Screen shots of the opening screen of GoNotes and what a reminder looks like

Go Notes: GPS Location Reminders

GoNotes is a first of its kind mobile app that allows customers to set reminders based upon where they’re going to be. Built exclusively for Android devices, it utilizes GPS in a way new to mobile devices.

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A screen shot of the JD Conservation website

JD Conservation, Inc.

JD Conservation had a problem. Its site didn’t reflect its quality of work. Partnering with 42 Solutions, JD Conservation was able to build a web presence that displayed the work not the design.

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A screen shot of the Unified Republic of Stars homepage

Unified Republic of Stars

The Unified Republic of Stars is a collaborative storyworld created by partner Colin Andrew Ferm. Built using several of the web’s most powerful content collaboration tools, the technology behind the Unified Republic of Stars can be used to communicate and collaborate with one’s customers to create a powerful story behind their brand.

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42 Solutions

Working with 42 Solutions, you’ll find that it’s not the technology that’s important, it’s the idea. Regardless of whether your company is based on proprietary software or open source, we will find the right tools to get the job done.

Invite us to your office and we’ll send a pair of consultants armed with laptops and bright ideas, ready to solve your problem and offer solutions. We pride ourselves in getting to know how you do business and integrating into your process.