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Why We Switched To Facebook Comments

August 17, 2012

It may seem strange, a company willing to give up its own commenting system to Facebook’s. But spend a minute thinking about it and it’s less strange than it might initially seem. And that’s why, even a consulting company like 42 Solutions might do it.

It really comes down to this: even Facebook’s competitors admit that Facebook is the leading social network out there right now. Sure, there are others that dominate in other markets, but, for 42 Solutions and the American and European market we are interested in, Facebook is the bee’s knees.

So, given that, why switch to Facebook comments? Because it provides the lowest barrier to entry for our readers.

Most of the people who find our website find it from the United States. And, given that the United States is almost dominated by Facebook users, providing a commenting system for them that uses their Facebook accounts just makes sense over them having to register anew for yet another website.

As we’ve learned working for our many clients, the lowest barrier to entry always has the highest number of results. And, since we also do social media, we feel as though we should put our money were our mouths are and adopt social media on our website to prove that this is where the most traffic comes from.

So, while the comments that were on blog posts before will now, unfortunately be gone, we hope they will multiply now that we’ve made the commenting system easier for those already logged in via Facebook.

As for those worried about losing SEO value because of the missing comments, our response is that the traffic gained from social comments is far higher than what might be lost due to comments made on the actual site. In a large part, this is because of the new discoverability of the content as a whole, now being potentially posted on the commenter’s Facebook feed, and the links that he or she’s friends might make back to our site even without adding a comment of their own rather than not participating or knowing about it at all.

It was a choice for us, no doubt, especially considering our excellently designed WordPress commenting system but one in which we ultimately feel confident.

Which is not to say that maintaining a commenting system does not have its merits. If you post content on a specific topic of little interest to the wider world, want to control who knows about what you’re posting, or perhaps want to restrict who can see and post comments, then maintaining your own comment system absolutely makes sense. However, those wishing to appeal to a wider audience, such as an online retailer or general interest website, might consider the benefits of social networking instead.

At 42 Solutions, we can help you determine which strategy is best for you. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out how best to reach your audience.

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