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Punk or Metal?!?

August 22, 2012

The Punk or Metal start screen42 Solutions is pleased to announce our premiere iOS app, Punk or Metal?!?

No, that’s not a typo you’re seeing, it’s literally the question. When the photo you see in your stream appears, is the subject matter punk or is it metal? Yes, we’re asking you to determine whether something falls between two very similar sub-genres of one genre of music. But, well, isn’t that what makes it interesting?

After all, you have to chose one of the two.

Punk or Metal?!? is a simple app, not much more than an image feed linked to a commenting system but it was developed by 42 Solutions in our spare time as proof that sometimes simplicity is an art and an end unto itself. But, for us, it also proves something else, that a small but dedicated team, using known and mature technologies, can achieve something fun and unique in a short amount of time.

Our server architecture was written for another project and required a bare minimum of modification in order to make Punk or Metal come to life. In fact, much of the work was merely adding image support rather than changing existing code, allowing us to fold the work done for this app back into the general codebase for reuse by yet another project in the future.

This app also marks the first demonstration of our ability to be creative in the iOS environment along with our existing skills on the Web and with Android.

We plan to offer Punk or Metal?!? for free on the App Store. Not free, but supported by ads. Just free. Really, really free. Worst case scenario, no one uses it, though we hope this will catch on. But, best case, we end up having to foot the bill for the infrastructure as a demonstration of what we can build. And that’s what they call, one of those good problems.

So what technologies have we leveraged?

Facebook for one. As part of our commitment to social media, we’ve integrated our app deeply with Facebook, from requiring a Facebook log-in in order to use the app, to sharing your social photos into the stream, to posting back on your timeline so your friends can seen when you’ve left a comment on a photo.

We believe that any app, in order to be a success requires the use of social media. Thus, our deep integration with Facebook. While we might lose a small percentage of potential users, we believe, and the numbers prove, that the majority of app users already have Facebook accounts and that the value of sharing on their timelines is far greater than what might be lost.

Adding to this, we’re also allowing users to upload their own photos exclusively to Punk or Metal to create an audience where certain content can be found only within our app. This provides a drive for users to return to see what is new.

So, who are the users we think we’ll attract?

With the simplicity of our workflow and the speed with which users can vote and comment on photos we see people in their twenties and thirties using Punk or Metal for five minutes to rate a dozen photos at a bar or restaurant before their friends arrive. Or a student, using their phone between classes to voice their opinion. Or just anybody with a little time to kill.

In short, we believe this app will attract a prime demographic of mobile users to a new way to interact with others.

If we can build this app in our spare time, imagine what we can build for you.

We hope to have it up in the App store by the end of the month. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the concept. And be sure to check out the micro-site we put together for promotion.

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