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Electric Literature Relaunches

May 27, 2014

We’re proud to announce today that Electric Literature, a digital magazine with a mission “to ensure that literature remains a vibrant presence in popular culture by fostering digital innovation, supporting writers, building community, and broadening the audience for literary fiction” relaunched today with a little help from 42 Solutions.

The new homepage for Electric Literature

Working closely again with Andy Hunter, former CEO of Broadcastr, we planned and implemented the changes he wanted to see on the site. This included modifying a theme to reflect Electric Lit’s particular identity, setting up a store presence that would process payments and sell e-books directly through the site, and setting up a pay wall for subscriber only content.

However, the biggest challenge had to do with maintaining the years of content the site represented. Beyond the over 1,000 posts, it included over 6 gigabytes of images and animations, a daunting thing to transfer between test hosts and production to accurately reflect what the final product would be.

We not only consolidated all of Electric Lit’s graphic assets but cleaned up a database filled with years of unused WordPress autosaves, versions, and spam comments. This was done in order to achieve a performance boost on non-cached pages so the database could ignore these unneeded rows in the tables.

Additionally, we set Electric Lit up with a better SEO scheme and caching strategy to maximize the number of visitors the site can serve, especially when the relaunch includes a write up in the Washington Post.

We will no doubt write a case study in the coming days or weeks that layout in more detail exactly what it was we did for Electric Literature. But, in the meantime, do check out out Electric Literature and a lot of their innovative and entertaining content.

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