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Broadcastr Featured on JavaLobby’s DZone

June 11, 2012

42 Solutions client Broadcastr SVP of Technology, Rick Mangi, was interviewed by JavaLobby’s DZone about Java’s role in the architecture of the company’s backend system and it’s role in the future of storytelling.

Having worked with Broadcastr for the last couple of months, we’re excited to see the attention brought to what is truly a dynamic, fast paced, and creative group of people working on what we believe will be an amazing new product.

We’re also thrilled that we were mentioned, if even by reference. From the article:

This gives the team a strong foundation in the main technologies, but there‚Äôs always room for more – another iPhone developer who also has strong Java skills, and “the dynamic duo” – freelancers working on frontend and Android development.

(emphasis ours)

So… that cat’s out of the bag! 42 Solutions was selected by Broadcastr to develop their Android platform, an app that we hope to show the world before the end of the year.

We’re very excited about what’s happening in technology right now and thrilled to be helping Broadcastr achieve their goal of being available on every platform.

Do you need access to a team that can bring your brand to any platform? Contact us today and see what 42 Solutions can do for you.

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