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January 19, 2012

GoNotes by 42 Solutions is a GPS aware note reminder app for Androidâ„¢. Need to remember to buy milk at the supermarket? Buy flowers at the train station for your neglected wife? Talk to your favorite bartender about something interesting? Set these locations within the GoNotes app and the notes to be reminded of, and the next time you’re nearby, GoNotes will alert you.

With a simple but elegant user interface, a GoNotes alert won’t be mistaken for any other and will pop up over any other running application. It can even alert you when your phone’s asleep, so there’s no need to check over and over again.

Setting Up A Location

After launching GoNotes for the first time, the app presents four menu options. Mark My Location, Mark New Location, Active Notes, and My Locations. To set up a new location, select the one of the first two options.

Set locations and the notes to be reminded of, and the next time you’re nearby, GoNotes will alert you.

GoNotes Home Screen

Marking My Location will take a GPS reading of the current location and place a marker where the phone thinks it is. Because of the nature of GPS, this may be very accurate or off by a dozen meters. Touching the map will move the marker to that position.

Mark New Location will bring you to a map of the general area. This may be manipulated like any other Google Map. to place a marker in any location you’d like.

Tip: The lower the zoom level on the map, the more accurate the GPS coordinates of the marker. Zoom in as close as possible before saving the location.

Once the map marker is set to the place to be marked, touch the Select Location button at the top. A dialog box will be presented asking for a name of the new location. Type or speak the name of the location and touch Save.

Once the location is saved, the GoNotes will display the My Locations screen. Notes may be edited or deleted by holding a long touch on a location note. Touching the location will display any notes associated with that location and allows for adding new notes.

Warning: Deleting a location will also delete any notes associated with that location. Touch “okay” on the confirmation dialog only if this is the intention.

GoNotes My Locations Screen

Adding A GoNote

Once a location is set up, GoNote GPS Reminders may be set up. Each note is associated with a location so you can be reminded when you are nearby that location.

Touch My Locations to see the list of locations set up in GoNotes. Touch a location name to see the notes associated with the given location. If no notes have been set up, press the add button in the top right corner to add a new GoNote. Both a title and a body may be set if more detail is required. Both will be shown on the alert when it is displayed. Touch save to save the note.

Managing GoNotes

Each location has its own notes. But just because a have a note associated with a location doesn’t mean you want to be reminded the next time you’re there. To deactivate a note, touch the checkbox along the left-hand side to make it inactive. Inactive notes will turn gray when they are disabled and the check will disappear from beside them.

Active notes will always have color.

Both active and inactive notes can be edited by touching them to be taken to the edit screen.

To delete a note, long press any note on the screen to receive a confirmation dialog confirming the action. Once a note has been deleted, it cannot be recovered and will have to be recreated.

All of the active notes can be seen at anytime by touching the device’s menu button touching the Active Notes option. GoNotes will show all the active notes, regardless of location. A note may be deactivated here by touching the check and will not reappear the next time you visit this screen. However, the note will not be deleted.

Receiving Alerts

When within approximately fifty meters of a location with an active note associated, GoNotes will show an alert with a dialog informing you of your reminder.

The two options available are to dismiss the note by touching the red “X” in the upper right hand corner and thereby deactivating the note from further display or touching the “Remind Later” button. Remind Later will inform you of the same note about twenty minutes later.

Dismissing a note does not delete the note. By going back into the GoNotes app, the note may be reactivated at any time to be displayed the next time you are at that location.


GoNotes can be used in a variety of ways. The examples at the top are just the beginning. Set it up to remind you of items not to forget to leave the house with. Plan historical walking tours. Whatever you can think of.

Designed and developed by 42 Solutions, GoNotes is just one more way to turn your hand held device into a tool for life. What can 42 Solutions do for you?

GoNotes Changelog:
v1.1 – Made GPS location reminders more accurate.
Fixed Home Screen crash bug
v1.2 – Added Accuracy circle.
Made GPS location reminders more accurate.
v1.3 – Added location update interval settings.
Added remind later settings.
Added charger listening to provide faster updates when plugged in.
Added help section.
Rewrote alert sound code.

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