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Fencing ScoreKeeper

January 19, 2012

Even though we believe most customers will be able to figure out how to use ScoreKeeper just by playing with the intuitive user interface, there may be some features that are not as clear as we hope. On this page, we have provided a full manual for ScoreKeeper so that you can use it to direct your own bouts quickly and easily.

Fencing ScoreKeeper is 42 Solutions answer to digital bout directing in the 21st Century.

Differences between ScoreKeeper and ScoreKeeper FREE

Available on Google Play™, and soon the iPhone app store, is a free version of ScoreKeeper. The free version allows directors to direct a 5-touch bout, including penalty card assignment, overtime, and priority determination.

The full version of ScoreKeeper allows users to select 5, 10, and 15-touch bouts, enter the fencer names, and monitor injury time. More features will be added in the future, including best 2-out-of-3 5-touch bouts, 45-touch team matches, contextual rules menus and penalty charts, and internationalization. These will be available as free upgrades for users with the full version of ScoreKeeper.

Start Screen

When starting ScoreKeeper, the first screen shown will be the information screen. You may optionally set the fencer’s names and then select the type of bout you wish to direct. The bout types currently available are:

Fencing ScoreKeeper Start Screen

  • 5-Touch Bout – One three-minute period with one minute of overtime, if necessary. First fencer to score five touches, or whoever is ahead when time expires, wins.
  • 10-Touch Bout – Two three-minute periods with a one-minute rest time between, and one minute of overtime, if necessary. First fencer to ten touches, or whoever is ahead when time expires, wins.
  • 15-Touch Bout – Three three-minute periods with a one-minute rest time between each period, and one minute of overtime, if necessary. First fencer to fifteen touches, or whoever is ahead when time expires, wins.
  • After selecting a bout type, tap the “Start Bout” button at the bottom to continue.

    If you have ScoreKeeper FREE, these options won’t be available and you will be taken directly to the Timer Screen, preset to a 5-touch bout.

    Timer Screen

    The timer screen is where the vast majority of a director’s time will be spent in ScoreKeeper. It includes a clock, a score counter, and the three type of penalty cards that can be assigned.

    The clock defaults to starting at three minutes, the length of one period. When the clock is paused, the colon is always red to show the paused status. Touching the clock will start the timer that can be paused again at any time. When the clock is running, the colon in the time will show as green. For those devices that support it, a haptic feedback response will also be sent.

    Next to the clock are the period indicators. These will reflect which period the bout is currently in. A 5-touch bout will only be in the 1st or OT periods. A 10-touch bout will see the 1st, 2nd, and OT periods. A 15-touch bout will use all four periods if necessary. Between each period is a one-minute rest period that begins counting down automatically but may be paused. When the rest period is over, the app will alert the director with a sound and a vibration and pause at three minutes.

    Tapping any of the score incrementing buttons or the actual score will pause the clock. Touching either the “+” or the score will increment the number of touches assigned to the fencer by one. The score can be incremented multiple times to the maximum number of touches allowed by the bout type. The clock will not start again until it is touched it to start again. The score may be decremented by touching the “-” down to zero.

    If the score tied when the end of regulation fencing time is reached, the Timer will bring up the Priority screen. Touching the screen will determine which fencer has priority in overtime. Touching again will return the director to the Timer. The clock will be set to one minute and a green “P” will be illuminated reminding the director which fencer has priority.

    Overtime is sudden death and the first fencer to score a touch will win the bout. If no touch is scored, the fencer with priority will win the bout.

    Beneath the clock are two buttons. The first, “Reset” will reset the time in the current period to what it was when it began. A rest period will reset to one minute and a bout period will reset to three. Touching the “Next ->” button will forward the current period to the next period. If in a regular bout period when tapped, a rest period will begin. If in a rest period, the next bout period will be entered. If touched when in over time, the fencer with priority will be assigned the winner.

    Under the row of buttons is a row of bulbs. These bulbs represent the penalty cards and priority assigned. More cards may be assigned than there are bulbs, but it will not be reflected. If a penalty card has been assigned, it may be removed by touching the row of bulbs under the fencer you wish to remove them from. It will first remove any red cards and then a yellow card if one has been assigned.

    To assign a card, touch the card buttons under each fencer’s score. There are three types of cards that can be assigned:

  • Yellow Card
  • Red Card
  • Black Card
  • When to assign these cards is at the discretion of the director. However, the following rules will be applied:

  • The first Yellow Card assigned will light up the yellow bulb associated with the fencer. Every subsequent Yellow Card will be treated as a Red Card in accordance with Fencing rules.
  • Each Red Card will add a touch to the opposing fencer’s score. Red cards may be assigned up to the maximum number of touches allowed in the bout.
  • Black Cards will end the bout and result in the opponent’s victory.
  • Assigning a card to a fencer will show a card of that color on the device and stay for as long as the director would like to leave it on the screen. This is done so that the director may hold up the device to show the card to the fencers rather than carry physical cards. To return to the Timer, touch the screen.

    The “End Bout” button at the bottom of the Timer screen will end the bout if a win condition is available. Otherwise, it will do nothing.

    Result Screen

    When a bout has ended, the Result Screen is shown. A bout may end in several ways but the two main ways are for the maximum number of touches to have been reached or for a tie to be broken in overtime. Regardless of how the Result Screen is entered, the winning fencer will be shown with their score before their opponent’s. In the event of a tie, the winning fencer is determined by the fencer given priority.

    Starting with version 1.4, the Result Screen is a window that appears above the Timer Screen.

    Fencing ScoreKeeper Result Screen

    From this screen, the directory may opt to replay the last bout by touching the checkbox. If it is selected and a new bout is to be fenced, the bout length and fencer’s names from the last bout will be carried over. If the checkbox is clear, you will be returned to the start screen where new fencer names and a different bout type can be selected. Alternately, the director may resume the last bout. This is useful if the bout ended because of an error, such as assigning the wrong fencer a touch or assigning a penalty card. This feature may be used to correct the mistake while leaving the time intact so the bout may continue.

    Injury Time

    When a fencer is injured during the course of a bout, touch the menu button on your device. Two different buttons will appear (along with the “About” button), each saying “Injury:” and a fencer’s name. Touching the injury time button for the appropriate fencer will bring up the Injury Time screen.

    Injury time is a regulation ten-minute rest period during which the injured fencer may either bow out of the bout or opt to continue. This timer may not be paused and when the time runs out, the director must determine whether the injured fencer will continue or the bout is ended.

    If the fencer chooses to continue, injury time may not be assigned a second time. Should the director choose to assign injury time for the same fencer again, this will result in a win condition for the opponent, regardless of the score. Ending a bout in injury time will also concede the bout to the opposing fencer. Each fencer, however, may have one ten-minute injury time period at any point during the bout.

    Injury Time is not available when using ScoreKeeper FREE.

    Some big things are in the works and we can’t wait for you to see them.


    We at 42 Solutions are very proud of our Fencing ScoreKeeper application and hope you enjoy using it. We are always looking for feedback which may be submitted to us through our contact form on our homepage and will continue to improve and evolve the app to meet the needs of fencers all over the world.

    If you like ScoreKeeper, please be sure to rate it highly in the appropriate store to let other Fencers know that meets your needs.

    Check out fortytwosolutions.com from time to time to find out more about 42 Solutions and the other exciting projects we’re working on. Some big things are in the works and we can’t wait for you to see them.

    Fencing ScoreKeeper Changelog:
    v1.1 – Fixed display for medium dpi devices.
    v1.2 – Added dialog boxes to confirm period reset, period next and end bout buttons.
    Added sound for start and stop of timer.
    Added bout detail information to bout results screen.
    Fixed random bugs.
    v1.3 – Added French translation.
    Replaced radio buttons on start screen with dropdown menu.
    Reformatted end screen.
    Fixed random bugs.
    v1.4 – Changed the way the result screen works.
    Added ability to remove penalty cards.
    Added ability to edit a bout once ended.
    Fixed flow bug between multiple bouts.
    v1.5 – Fixed timer screen for new large screens that weren’t out when app was originally developed.
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